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Aspire Fitness Lab offer individual Fitness Testing, BOD POD body composition analysis and Nutrition Advice

Fitness Testing & Body Composition Analysis

Based just 20 minutes outside Belfast in County Down, Northern Ireland, Aspire Fitness Lab provides a complete package of services designed to assess and help you understand your individual fitness level, body composition and nutritional requirements.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle mass, starting out on the road to fitness or you’re an elite athlete, our friendly and experienced consultants at Aspire Fitness Lab use tried and tested methods to determine your individual health, fitness and nutritional requirements.

Our services include body composition testing using the BOD POD, the leading technology in body fat analysis. Scales alone will not tell you if the pounds you have lost are fat or muscle, a very important factor which is often not considered. This test will produce full written results of the exact composition of your body, with a body fat percentage and lean mass percentage given.

Should you wish to improve your endurance levels during training, Aspire Fitness Lab offer VO2 Max testing. This provides an accurate reading of your current fitness level and gives a platform from which to boost your stamina and endurance. This test is particularly useful for runners, cyclists, soccer/GAA players and triathletes.

We also offer tailor made nutrition plans based on the requirement of each individual to include effective weight loss, strength and muscle building and improved endurance programs. Ongoing support is available.

Aspire Fitness Lab’s services are available to teams as well as to individuals and reduced rates are available for groups of 5 or more.

Sports nutrition

Good sports nutrition is absolutely crucial for improving performance in training and events, improving recovery time and for helping to avoid illness and injury.

Weight management nutrition programmes

We provide specialised nutrition advice to assist you in reaching your weight goals. This service will take into account your current weight, lifestyle and personal goals to form an individual programme that’s suited to you

BOD POD Body Composition

Our BOD POD body composition test will tell you if that 10 lb weight loss was just 2 lbs of FAT loss and 8 lbs of MUSCLE loss or simply 10 lbs of pure FAT.

VO2max Test & Lactate Threshold Test

A VO2max test provides a unique profile of a client’s exercise status. Measurement of VO2max or Peak VO2 will provide a true assessment of fitness level.

Food Intolerance Testing

Bloating, IBS, low mood and skin complaints can quite often be symptoms of food intolerance. Here at Aspire Fitness Lab, we use the Lorisian Food Intolerance Testing.

RMR Testing

The Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR) determines the amount of energy (calories) your body is using to perform the essential body functions when your body is at rest.

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