BOD POD Body Composition Testing

Body Composition Testing

Based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aspire Fitness Lab are providers of structured sports science support. Health and Fitness professionals know lean mass vs. fat is a more accurate measurement of true fitness than weight alone. We track change in lean muscle mass, the “engine” that burns calories. Your progress can be tracked either by fat loss or lean mass gained rather than just pounds lost. Find out vital information on calories burned, FAT LOSS, and LEAN MUSCLE MASS change—all helping you reach your fitness goals. Detailed, accurate individual BOD POD body composition analysis has only been available to medical facilities,universities and Professional Sports Teams Until Now…

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The scale doesn’t tell the whole truth. Our BOD POD body composition test will tell you if that 10 lb weight loss was just 2 lbs of FAT loss and 8 lbs of MUSCLE loss or simply 10 lbs of pure FAT. Tracking using the BOD POD body composition test is critical for reaching your health and wellness goals. Based on the same principle as hydro static weighing (dunk tank), it uses AIR instead of water to provide detailed information on your unique body composition.

BOD POD Testing


30 minutes test

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